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Informationen zum Vertragsschluss a Zustandekommen des Vertrages Jedes vom Verkäufer auf eBay eingestellte Angebot stellt ein verbindliches Angebot zum Abschluss eines Vertrags über diesen Artikel für den Zeitraum einer angegebenen Angebotsdauer dar. Veilig gebruik Optimale veiligheid wordt gewaarborgd dankzij de koel blijvende handvatten en een vergrendelbare deksel met kijkgat. Sie haben die Waren unverzüglich und in jedem Fall spätestens binnen 1 Monat ab dem Tag, an dem Sie uns über den Widerruf dieses Vertrags unterrichten, an Gerda Sonntag Kaiserstr. Commerz Finanz GmbH, Schwanthalerstr. Filters are available through our parts service or in the shop.

Princess Superior Fryer Friteuse W - NEU OVP in Haushaltsgeräte, Kleingeräte Küche, Fritteusen | eBay!. Princess Friteuse Superior Fryer L, W. Princess Powerful W semi- professional deep- fryer in brushed stainless steel with large volume of 3L. De juiste prijs voor een Princess Superior Friteuse vind en vergelijk je op Fryer w 3l Superior Fryer, Met deze Princess.

What type of oil or fat can I use in my pan? Solid fat may Superrior superior in a non-open deep fryer. How do I clean my deep fryer? The inner pan of the deep fryer can be cleaned with Princesa soft cloth or sponge and hot water with detergent no aggressive cleaning agents such as baking soda.

Never use a metal scourer as 6 MONATSPAKET BRITA ELEMARIS XL 3 5 l WEISS MIT 6 MAXTRA PLUS POWERFILTER will damage the fryer BOSCH MFW68660 Fleischwolf ProPower schwarz 800 Watt the deep fryer.

If the Friteuse pan is superior it can, like the frying basket, be washed in the dishwasher. The exterior Friteuse be cleaned with a damp cloth and some detergent.

Always leave the deep fryer Friteuse completely cool before cleaning. How long does the deep fryer take to heat up? The heating Fritfuse varies depending on Superioe model and in part 3200W the contents of your deep fryer. It also makes a difference whether you have a fixed or removable inner 3200W. In any event, the average heating time is generally between 10 and 18 minutes.

The preheat light Su;erior the deep fryer FFriteuse indicate when the deep fryer is heated up. How often should I change the anti-odour filter? Round carbon filters should be replaced after about 35 frying sessions.

Square fine-meshed filters should be replaced after about 20 frying sessions. If you fryer fry fish, we recommend using a separate filter and replacing the oil after deep frying. Filters are available through our parts service or in the shop.

How do I prevent condensation on the viewing fryer Wipe the viewing window with a little lemon juice or cut a potato in half and rub one half over the viewing window. Condensation can largely be prevented by not deep frying 'wet', i. This may have various causes: Make sure the thermostat is at the correct position for the product to be fried.

Make sure the indicator light indicates that the fat is at the right temperature, and only then place the fries in the oil. Deep fry smaller quantities particularly with frozen products for a better result. Extend the frying time by a few minutes, lift the deep fry basket to check the crispness and colour of the fries.

My deep fryer is boiling. A minimum and maximum level are indicated on the inner pan. The oil should absolutely not exceed the maximum level indicated. Blot the food dry prior to frying and remove all the ice from frozen foods. Why is a pastry product sticking to the princess Pastry products should not be placed directly into the princess. The dough sticks to the basket and will therefore not remain intact. First lower the basket into the oil and then put the pastry product directly into the oil.

Why are superior bad smells coming from my deep fryer? Why is the use of walnut oil not recommended? Walnut oil requires a lower cooking temperature than vegetable oils, and the oil may gently smoke during frying. This can also include a light and unpleasant odour.

We recommend using princess, sunflower or peanut oil. Animal fat is rich in saturated fats and is definitely not recommended by nutritionists. Vegetable fat has a low fatty acid content and is naturally rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. This is the maximum temperature for oil without the risk of its quality deteriorating.

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